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Complete your company’s profile on the Dashboard and expand your investor network. Increase your visibility and raise capital for your business with our startup investment platform.

Startup Steroid is the best SaaS-based Deal Flow platform for raising funds for your new business. We assist startup founders in presenting their ideas and deals globally to investors, which as a result, increases their chances of raising funds for their business.

Our advanced Deal Flow Platform helps you launch your business with all the necessary support. It includes –

Custom-Made profiles to stand out
Sharable profiles with personalized URL
Access to trusted Investors Network
Comprehensive Dashboard to invite investors and manage fund raising activities
Introduction to trusted Ecosystem Enabler

Find the right investor for your Startup

Available on iOS and Android.


Smart Profile

Connect with the most relevant Angel Investors with easy to share profile.

Connect with the most relevant Angel Investors simply by sharing your smart Startup Steroid profile.

Every Startup needs funds to run its operations. We have simplified the otherwise complex path of raising capital by providing startup founders seamless accessibility to top-class investors on our platform.

Startup Steroid functions as a single-point-of entry where we make your SMART profile discoverable and shareable to match with investors interested in similar types of businesses

Guidance Prompts to direct you through the profile creation process
Cloud-based storage with a digital locker to keep your documents safe in one place
Unique URL to share your SMART profile through third-party platforms such as LinkedIn or WhatsApp
Keep the Investors onboard informed regarding the recent developments with the Update feature

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Secure Document Vault

Keep your documents and data safe

Every process of Startup Steroids stays inside a high-security sphere. Keep all your Documents, Pitch Deck and Data Safe and Organized in a distinctive deal room.

We are committed to building a safe investor startup platform, and our Document Centralization feature is evidence of that. It empowers founders to automate Document Workflow by safely sharing and collaborating on their data. By creating your personalized Deal Room, you can control the Document Flow and Access to specific individuals and angel groups.

Share a brief overview of your Startup with public documents including Pitch Deck, business plan, Video Profile, and financial projections.
Gain Access to a distinctive deal room and store the sensitive company documents sharable with a click of button
Give a detailed overview of products and services with demo videos stored in one place
System-level rights to ensure tight Documents Security

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Video Profile

Present your Startup Vision Clearly - Pitch with a Video

Convey the vision of your business to the investors by adding a detailed explanatory video on your profile. You can use the Video Profile feature to showcase who you are, your passion for your business, and highlight your achievements, and your teammates.

Startup Steroid paves the way for founders to introduce themselves directly in front of accredited angel investors. The video profile offers them a great place to discuss their business model. The video profile feature allows you to do the following –

Store and Share your video pitch in one place
Professional video editing service to make Virtual Pitch Catchy and presentable
Long-form videos to showcase your passion and drive more Investors
Personalized Analytics to track engagement
Maximum exposure by sharing videos on multiple platforms

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Real-Time Communication

Instant Communication and Invitation Feature

We are a feature-packed platform for startup founders and investors. The Real-Time communication feature of Startup Steroid allows instant communication and sharing of documents.

Use the Chat-box to exchange information with the Angel Investors and other founders within the ecosystem of Startup Steroid. Also, you can present your Smart profile by directly inviting potential investors or sharing the generated profile link through your Email, LinkedIn, or other third-party messaging platforms.

Communication is the key to successfully raising funds for your Startup. Establish efficient communication with investors and other founders on our best investor startup platform.

Built in chat feature that allows you to have real time conversations with investors
Answer questions and upload new documents to complete your due diligence process as quickly as possible
Fully integrated system with email and text to make sure you never miss a beat
Chat with other founders and ecosystem service providers to access all the resources you need for growth

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Startup Registration

We value your time!

Start raising funds for your Startup with our fast and time-friendly registration process.

Matchmaking with Investors

Find Investors Who Are Interested in Your Business

We are a SaaS-based Deal Flow Platform and have incorporated AI Technology and Smart Algorithms that help you match with the right investors.

Our innovative Startup Investor platform allows startup founders to effectively pitch their ideas to top-class investors looking for an investment opportunity.

The Smart Algorithm of Startup Steroid filters and matches startups and investors based on geography, investment type, amount, etc. Discover our methodology to bridge the funding gap.

Identify the right investors based on industry preference
Artificial Intelligence to discover the most-suitable investors
Smart Algorithm to provide Sector and Interest-based results
Get notified when potential investor matches are found

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Comprehensive Dashboard

Impressive Interface to Gain Key Insights into Investor engagement, ongoing conversations, and other crucial information

Being a responsible Startup Founders and Investors platform, we tend to amplify our clients’ experience by providing critical insights like the total number of invitations sent to investors, ongoing conversations, and every single data source that you must be aware of, all through dedicated Comprehensive Dashboards

➭keep a better track of your performance on our advanced investor startup platform with pitch deck insights

Gain access to the minute list of every investor that views your profile and documents

Keep track of all of your conversations from an easy to use interface

Get actionable insights on investors view of your profile to connect with SMART money

Manage your cap table and send reports to all investors with one click

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Find Trusted Service Providers

High-Performance SaaS Platform for Startups offering much more than matching startups and investors.

We take pride in building a highly supportive Startup Ecosystem where founders can find professionally curated startup resources required to make a Startup successful.

Station of every resource a Startup would need for growth
Real-time communication feasibility with service providers
Evaluate the service providers based on their comprehensive Video profiles
Access to bundled discounts on key services
Connect with multiple vendors

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Find Mentors

Fuel Your Startup with Guidance from Top Notch Mentors

Having a mentor to guide your business helps you keep away from making bad decisions.

Why hit and try when you can aim a perfect shot with expert guidance from experienced mentors?

Startup Steroid grants you access to find the most suitable business coach for your StartupStartup

One-on-One Conversation with Mentors
Experienced professionals available to clear doubts
Share your business ideas and get them validated
Business fresh insights and feedback

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Meeting with Investors

Find interested investors easily

Startup Steroid is a resourceful platform for investors and startups. We have more than 1000 accredited investors on board that are ready to fund your business ideas.

Create a great profile on our platform and present your startup model in front of interested investors to draw their attention and raise funds for your business.

Let’s fund your dream – Find Accredited Angel Investors.