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First Deal Flow And SPV Investment App, Built For Angel Investors

Re-imagine how Startup Investments take place. Move your Startup investment journey to smaller screens – explore 1000+ Startups, build a watchlist, invest in SPVs, take part in live pitch ratings, and receive event updates.

About Startup Steroid

Startup Steroid is an expertly designed platform that connects modern-day startup founders and investors. Its structured deal flow management system simplifies the process of fundraising and investment, making it one of the top-rated startup investment management platforms for investors and startups.

The platform aspires to streamline the investment journey of Angel Groups, Family Offices, and VC & PE Firms. At Startup Steroid, Investors can discover the best startup companies to invest in and fund the selected ones after thorough due diligence.

At the same time, we let entrepreneurs and startup founders raise funds for their businesses by matching them with industry-specific investors and getting them access to SMART money.

Going beyond Start-Up and Investors matchmaking by providing a suite of tools to collaborate and build the business at a better pace.

We have formulated a system to bring Investors and Startups together and further nurture the growth stage Startups with accelerators. Also, we have developed a user-friendly Deal Flow platform for Investors to streamline and systematize the investment process.


Deal Flow Management System for Investment Pros

Discover the most rewarding Startup investment opportunity while building a solid investment portfolio


Make your Startup discoverable and raise capital

A platform for Startups to build meaningful relationships, raise investment and exchange knowledge


International Access to serve exciting new Startup

Unlock an opportunity to make global connections and deliver your professional services

How Does it Work?

  • We offer a super-simplified process to onboard startups and investors and empower them towards growth with our one-of-a-kind Deal Flow Platform.
  • Start by submitting a few documents, wait for validation, and once it’s done, you get access to the best startup investor platform where success is inevitable.
  • Throttle your Startup by finding accredited angel investors or start creating a solid investment portfolio as an Angel Group, Family Office, or VC & PE Firm.
  • Explore what the most trusted startup investor platform has to offer.

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Business is the activity of making one living or making money producing or buying and selling products. Simply put it is any activity or enterprise entered into for profit.

Watch Startup Steroid in Action

Deal Making at Startup Steroid is easy with our distinct Deal Flow SaaS Platform that matches the highly capable startups and investors in a systematic way.

Watch this Demo Video and experience how our Deal Flow Management Platform tackles the odds of deal-making for you and makes Startup Steroid the most rewarding startup-investor platform.

Find Mentors

Fuel Your Startup with Guidance from Top Notch Mentors

Having a mentor to guide your business helps you avoid making bad decisions.

Why hit and try when you can aim a perfect shot with expert guidance from experienced mentors?

Startup Steroid grants you access to find the most suitable business coach for your Startup.


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