Make Every Pitch Count With Effortless Management

Demo Day by Startup Steroid helps you run smooth and successful pitch events. Our platform keeps all your pitch decks in one place, automates routine tasks, and offers instant feedback, making your presentations impactful and efficient. Perfect for organizers managing multiple pitches.

Perfect Your Pitch With Effortless Event Management

Demo Day by Startup Steroid simplifies the process of running pitch events, ensuring smooth and successful presentations. Our platform offers cross-platform compatibility, timely presentations, customizable feedback forms, streamlined event management, and simplified access. Designed for investors, Demo Day keeps everything organized and efficient, allowing you to focus on judging the best pitches.

Enhanced Key Benefits

Maximize Reach with Cross-Platform Compatibility

What You Gain: Access your presentations on any device, ensuring each pitch deck looks sharp and professional, no matter where your audience is tuning in from.

Keep on Track with Timely Presentations

What You Gain: Use our integrated timer to manage presentation lengths perfectly, ensuring all pitches are concise and on point.

Customize to Target with Feedback Forms

What You Gain: Customize questions to zero in on the feedback you need, enhancing your pitch’s effectiveness and relevance.

Simplify Your Event Planning

What You Gain: Streamline your event management with unique codes for each session, making organization a breeze even for multiple concurrent competitions.

Access Made Easy for Everyone

What You Gain: Enable attendees to jump right into the event without the hassle of registration; just a simple email and event code entry are needed.

Explore the full potential of your pitch days with Demo Day. Transform how you present, gather feedback, and manage events—all with simplicity and style.

Why Choose Us?

Easy to navigate and use, even for beginners.

 All the features you need in one platform.

 Trusted by startups and investors alike.

 Our team is here to help you every step of the way.

Suitable for both small teams and large organizations.

Explore Top Features That Make Every Session Count

Harness Unlimited Feedback Opportunities

  • Explore: Imagine capturing every valuable opinion at large-scale events. What could unlimited feedback reveal about your next big idea?
  • Advantage: Capture feedback without limits, perfect for large events where every opinion is valuable.

Seamless Multi-Device Compatibility

  • Explore: How might flawless compatibility across all devices elevate your audience's experience?
  • Advantage: Ensure every participant enjoys a seamless viewing experience, regardless of their device.

Precision Timing with Built-In Timer

  • Explore: Consider the impact of perfect timing on your event's flow and audience engagement.
  • Advantage: Manage your pitch sessions flawlessly with our precision timer, keeping everyone on schedule.

Custom-Tailored Feedback Forms

  • Explore: What insights could you gain with perfectly tailored feedback forms?
  • Advantage: Craft feedback forms that meet your specific needs, gathering targeted insights. 

Effortless Event Management with Unique Codes

  • Explore: Can streamlined access enhance the participant experience at your event?
  • Advantage: Streamline your event setup and participation with easy-to-use unique codes.

Share Feedback with Ease

  • Explore: What improvements could swift feedback sharing bring to your team's performance?
  • Advantage: Quickly distribute valuable feedback to all stakeholders, enhancing collaboration and improvement.

Hassle-Free, Quick Event Access

  • Explore: How would removing barriers to entry change the dynamics of your event?
  • Advantage: Enable instant participation with simple email and event code entry; no registration required.

Effortless Event Setup

  • Explore: What could you achieve by reducing the setup time for your events?
  • Advantage: Get started quickly with pre-built templates and pre-defined questions designed for various scenarios.

Turn your pitch events into vibrant centers of interaction and feedback. Get in touch for a demo and explore how our platform can elevate your event management to new levels!

Are you curious and have these questions?

Unlimited survey responses allow organizers to gather comprehensive feedback from a large audience, providing a more accurate picture of each pitch's strengths and weaknesses. This data helps identify top contenders, refine judging criteria, and improve future events.

Cross-platform compatibility ensures that presenters can seamlessly showcase their pitch decks on any device or operating system. This eliminates technical glitches, maintains presentation quality, and creates a professional impression.

Customizable questions allow organizers to tailor feedback forms to specific event goals and audience interests. This ensures relevant feedback, helps identify key areas for improvement, and enhances the overall learning experience for pitchers.

By allowing viewers to access the event from any device, cross-platform compatibility removes barriers to participation, increases accessibility, and broadens the audience’s reach. This leads to higher engagement and a more diverse pool of potential investors.

An integrated timer keeps presentations on schedule, ensures fair time allocation for each pitcher, and helps maintain audience interest. It also helps presenters practice time management and deliver concise, impactful pitches.

By streamlining the registration and login process, simplifying access reduces friction and encourages more people to attend. Easy access also translates to a smoother user experience, increasing overall participation and engagement.

Unlimited feedback provides a wealth of insights and diverse perspectives, allowing you to identify recurring themes and address specific areas for improvement. This iterative feedback loop leads to a more refined and compelling pitch.

Absolutely! Seamless device compatibility enables broader audience access, attracting viewers from various locations and demographics. This expanded reach increases your event's visibility and potential impact on the startup ecosystem.

Streamlining event access and management reduces manual tasks, minimizes errors, and frees organizers to focus on higher-value activities. This efficiency leads to a smoother event experience for both participants and organizers.

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