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Security First

Entrusting our platform, our members share critical data with us about themselves and their Organization . We believe, it is our first and foremost responsibility to protect the same at any cost.

Systemized Documentation

We proudly proclaim to have a streamlined approach making the entire procedure of raising and deploying capital from formation to distribution effortless, uncomplicated and instant.

Simple and Transparent

When it comes to business, our members don’t like surprises and prefer having a complete and clearer picture. We don’t use complexity as a tool. Rather, we keep our operations simple and transparent.

Economic Freedom

We strive to make our platform accessible to all investors and further reduce the barriers in investing and nurturing a promising business idea.

The SPV HUB Story By the Investors, for the Investors

Every business starts with a vision to solve a common problem. For our founders, it was restricted availability of economical SPV Development platforms.

As investors themselves, SPV Hub’s founders are well-acquainted with the challenges that an investor and a founder face while raising capital and handling multiple deals simultaneously. Therefore, they built SPV Hub as a total problem solver for investors.

For Investors

Explore and Invest in breakthrough innovations

For Investors

Give a head start to your project

SPV Hub Management Team

Meet SPV Specialists and seasoned Entrepreneurs of SPV Hub passionate about building a capital raising platform that’s unlike any other

Shankar Ram


Anshuman Sinha


Ashish Saboo


Aniket Sinha

Director of Delivery

Why SPV Hub

Special Purpose Vehicle is a legal entity created for a specific, well-defined and narrow financial purpose. An SPV is used for various purposes, including isolating financial risk, securitization, joint ventures, or real-estate deals. 

Experience seamless SPV management from creation to dissolution


Invite investors
4-step investment process
Quick investor profile creation
Deal Documents
Deal Tracker
Multiple investor profiles

Law & Compliance

Chose legal structure
Coordinate with the registered agent Operating Agreement
Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)
Subscription Agreement
Acquire Employer Identification Number (EIN)


Setting up a Bank Account for SPV
Entity Capital Account Statements
Financial Statements
Update about Pro-Rata Rights
Capitalization Table


Inviting and getting investors on board
Wiring Funds
Drafting individual capital account statements
Forming Compliant Entity with Capitalization Table

Post Closure

Distribution of Wealth
K1 Forms
Fund Accounting

Get In Touch

Get In Touch

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