Setup and co-invest in SPVs

Do you have your own investment club? Syndicate deals and share with your network to raise and deploy capital in the Startup of your choice.

Benefits of syndicating deal with SPV Hub

Set Up Your Terms and Upload Deal Documents

Easily set up the terms of your fund, including Company details, SPV Details, and organizer details, and securely upload all necessary deal documents to your private data room.

Invite your network and collect Commitments

Streamline the process of collecting commitments and investments from co-investors with SPV Hub. Keep a tab on the investment journey of every invited LP.

Effortlessly Manage Your Co-Investors and Portfolio

Effectively manage your co-investors and portfolio through our user-friendly platform. With just two clicks, you can report to your co-investors and efficiently administer your syndicates online.

A peek into Investors Journey

Once the investor has registered on the platform and created an ‘Individual’ and a ‘Bank’ profile, the angel investor can deploy capital in the syndicated deal in just four steps

An organizer can track an investors journey all the way from invitation to exit.

Get In Touch

Get In Touch

If you’re on the lookout for an intuitive startup investment platform or you’re an angel investor platform enthusiast aiming to grow and invest, reach us at  (209) 231-4575. Let’s embark on this journey to amplify your venture with Startup Steroid.