Complete SPV Solutions

Startup Steroid created a dedicated online SPV platform (SPV Hub) to simplify the process of inviting investors, raising capital, and tracking their commitments with real-time stats.

We create Special Purpose Vehicles that empower investors to accumulate capital systematically into one giant fund. Further, the SPV deploys the raised capital fulfilling its special purpose. Our efficient SPV fund management makes the entire process trouble-free.

SPV Services At A Glance

SPV Creation

SPV Transition

Document Management

SPV Administration


Comprehensive Dashboard

Create SPVs – Master & Series

Special Purpose Vehicles or Syndicates are created with a one-specific purpose – to pool money from multiple investors interested in deal-making and make a single investment in the Startup.

At SPV Hub, a subsidiary company of Startup Steroid, we have made fund administration and investment systematic and straightforward for all investors with our SPV development services. We have created streamlined investment method empowering investors to focus on deal sourcing to achieve this.

Delaware Master & Series LLC providing maximum flexibility

Experience complete lifecycle of an SPV on one platform

Invite Investors and track their commitments through Comprehensive dashboards

E-sign documents and wire instructions available on the platform

Taking care of pre and post investment activities

Distribution and Reporting of Financial Statements