How Does An App Amplify Pitching Events?

How Does An App Amplify Pitching Events?

Events like networking summits, demo days, and investors’ meetings are crucial for ensuring smooth communication between entrepreneurs and investors in the startup ecosystem. These events provide excellent networking opportunities for both startup founders and investors to enhance their rapport and business connections.

These events bridge the gap between innovative ideas and investment opportunities, facilitating face-to-face interactions between passionate startup owners and investors.

Successfully hosting these networking events is crucial for startups and investors alike. Unfortunately, organizing these events is not easy.

Startup accelerators, angel groups, and organizers often face several issues while organizing these summits, particularly when it comes to collecting feedback, managing time constraints, and ensuring compatibility across various devices.

At these events, startups get a chance to showcase their passion and projects to a diverse audience. Investors attending such events also have a keen ear for interesting projects and provide a lot of input that can benefit startup founders. However, time is a major constraint. Even if everyone wishes to have in-depth communication and learn about the various opportunities, it is not just difficult to regulate but also highly impractical to execute. Demo days created with a structure have also proven to be difficult to uphold, leading to the loss of valuable investor and audience feedback, memory of the two-minute pitch for review, and many connections that could have been revisited after the event.

Fortunately, platforms like Startup Steroid’s have emerged as comprehensive solutions. In managing small-to-large startup pitching events, this app proves highly useful, offering a variety of helpful features to keep the audience engaged.

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Moreover, this app enables organizers to effortlessly orchestrate a fully operational demo day event in just thirty minutes. This process involves the incorporation of timers for precise pitch durations, as well as Q&A sessions facilitated through QR codes for seamless attendee participation. Alongside these functionalities, the app provides robust data collection mechanisms, event evaluations, and a plethora of additional features.

Compatibility across various devices is a major concern for angel investors. In response to this concern, DemoDay addresses the issue by offering a user-friendly platform accessible via QR code, eliminating the need for cumbersome downloads.

Recently, Kacee Doan from the Larta Institute’s ELA program shared her positive experience with Startup Steroids’ DemoDay app during their GLA demo day, featuring nine bioscience and healthcare startups.

This event, attended by around 60 people, required a platform that could facilitate polls after each presentation and allow companies to upload their profiles for investors and the audience to access during the pitches.

Kacee was extremely happy with the app, which offers full ease of use while letting the audience share their valuable feedback about startups’ pitches. It simplifies the process of feedback collection and saves a lot of time compared to traditional survey tools.

“I am thankful to Ashish and his team from Startup Steroids for guiding the Larta Institute team through the platform. Their assistance and support ensured a smooth learning curve while even addressing the team’s seemingly small questions. Notably, the platform not only facilitated feedback but also allowed the audience to delve deeper into pitch details, including financial information, enhancing engagement during the presentations,” Kasey said.

The platform provides clear event summaries and the desired outcomes from the startups. Furthermore, the app helped facilitate connections, making the event not just a series of presentations but a dynamic and interactive experience that left a lasting impression on both startups and attendees.

While getting participants to engage with polls can be challenging, DemoDay was instrumental in encouraging more responses, making the event more interactive and intriguing. It allows attendees to rate startup pitches effortlessly using a QR code, thereby eliminating limitations on survey responses. Organizers can enhance security and convenience by making QR codes private or confidential, ensuring a smooth experience for all attendees.

Based on the investors’ feedback, organizers can also gauge attendees’ interest levels in real-time, thus facilitating follow-up calls and estimates for potential investors.

Besides pitch ratings, time management is another critical aspect of startup pitching events. Startup founders are typically given a specific time slot to present their ideas. Therefore, to maintain the event’s flow and ensure fairness, a built-in timer is essential. This app alerts presenters and organizers with a buzzing warning sound as a particular startup’s allotted time comes to an end.


Setting up a pitching event has never been easier. With DemoDay’s user-friendly interface, organizers can create events effortlessly. Predefined templates and questions streamline the setup, saving time and effort. Organizers can even save event templates for future use, making the event set-up process just a few clicks away. Thus, by simplifying the pitch process and offering unparalleled customer support, DemoDay empowers startup founders, organizers, and investors to make informed decisions swiftly.

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