Deal Flow Platform Designed Around Investors

There are 1,000+ Unicorn Companies in the world. Find and Invest in the next Unicorn at Startup Steroid.

Our Goal at Startup Steroid is to empower Angel Investors in doing what they do best – identify and nurture extraordinary Startup ideas. Filtering out the High-growth Startup from the vast pool can be difficult. We have formulated the SaaS platform to speed up the evaluation process and take investors closer to deal-making. With our Deal Flow Platform, gain access to crucial insights of the company and visualize the deal flow process at every stage to make a better decision.


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White Label Platform

Customized and Configured Deal Flow Environment suiting your needs

Add Software as a Service (SaaS) to your Angel Group or Investment Group to enjoy the benefits of exclusive private space.

White Label Platform by Startup Steroid is a unique solution for Angel Groups to share and experience investment space only with corresponding members. Save your time from doing all the hard work of developing a new Deal Flow product for investors onboard. Let Startup Steroid rebrand and customize the Deal Flow Platform as per your needs. You just need to Log In and get the work started.

Highly Customizable and Configurable Deal Flow Platform with user’s License
End-to-end encryption to ensure complete privacy
Rebrand the Platform based on your brand’s Colors and feel
Customize the screening and due diligence procedure to match your existing process
Upload your rating criteria so that all of your members can be on the same page

white-label (2)

Customized Deal Flow

We understand that flow of an Investment Fund is unique for every investor. Keeping this in mind, we have formulated a customizable Deal Flow for Angel Groups partnering with us.

Deals are sourced from all over the world to help you find the right startup at the right time. Find the ideal deal based on your personalized investment criteria and interest.

Construct Portfolio Preference filtering out deals based on –

Industry of Startup
Development Stage from Ideation to Scaling
Type of Funding
Location Preference
Approximate Revenue and Pre Money Valuation

Customized Deal__ Flow

Deal Flow Sharing

You can stay in your workflow and take a third opinion just by sharing a link. Our Deal Flow SaaS Platform allows angel groups to take expert advice from outside of the group and make a sounder decision.

The concentrated feature offered by Startup Steroid aids Angel Investors in keeping their deals more organized.

Shareable Profiles with Company Details
Inbound and Outbound Deal Flow
Better Portfolio Management
Shareable diligence report


Keep a better check on quality deals and invest in the best investment opportunities on your radar.

Startup Steroid makes it achievable for Angel groups onboard to Organize and Track Deals effortlessly.

Get a better command over deals with comprehensive Dashboards curated to assist investors onboard in deciding the deals to be followed based on quantitative and qualitative attributes.

Review New Deals at ease

End-to-end visibility of pipeline

Multi-Deal Timeline view

Review all investment opportunities at a glance

Centralized information center for existing communication, ratings and group activities

Manage Investments, SPVs and Funds on one platform

Manage Investors

The Manage Investors element offers distinguishable rights and authorities to a group admin. Scaling the group with blanket permissions, several people can be designated as group admins, due diligence panel or pre-screening members, etc. The Angel Group head or designated individual can create such groups or titles. Also, the user-friendly interface makes it easy to monitor and manage these groups of users.

Noteworthy benefits are –

Active / Inactive feature to control participation of a particular investor in future
Mass EMails to clustered groups
Distinguishing Investors with the help of Special Rights and Regular Rights
Group Admin entitled to control Exposure of Deals to the members

Manage Investors

Screening Notes

Screening of an investment opportunity incorporates a set of filters used to focus on the deals that matter. Our Deal Flow Platform for investors integrates standardized fact sheets for screening deals. The Screening Notes are customizable and come with the following features –

Customized screening and due diligence process
Personalized rating criteria to determine the investment opportunity
Define different phases for progress of a deal
Collaborate with fellow investors for due diligence
Review documents and take notes


Create SPVs – Master & Series

Create one Investment vehicle to achieve common goal of all your investors and partners onboard.

Special Purpose Vehicles or Syndicates are created with a one-specific purpose – to pool money from multiple investors interested in deal-making and make a single investment in the Startup. At SPV Hub, the subsidiary company of Startup Steroid, we have made fund administration and investment systematic and straightforward for all investors with our SPV development services. We have created a streamlined investment method empowering investors to focus on deal sourcing to achieve this.

Delaware Master & Series LLC providing maximum flexibility

Experience complete lifecycle of an SPV on one platform

Invite Investors and track their commitments through Comprehensive dashboards

E-sign documents and wire instructions available on the platform

Taking care of pre and post investment activities

Distribution and Reporting of Financial Statements

Real-Time Communication

The importance of real-time communication cannot be overstated. Having a streamlined communication and reporting process becomes even more critical when multiple parties are involved in investment deal flow. The real-time communication feature minimizes latency by utilizing instant messaging and video conferencing, and it speeds up the deal-making process and helps investors stay up to date.

Startup Steroid brings onboard a Real-Time Communication tool empowering participating Investors to stay on top of deal flow by unlocking access to the following advantages –

Open lines of communication on the Platform through
Accessible two-way communication among investors and Startup founders
Collect, organize and distribute sensitive information seamlessly
Request documents, take notes and complete your due diligence process faster

Real-Time Communication