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Startup Founders, solid financials help de-risk your startup’s next capital round.

But you have better things to do than bank reconciliation, vendor bill entry, and other mundane work.

Skip the hassle of hiring an Accountant and a Financial Advisor for your Startup. Work with an accounting expert at Startup Steroid.

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Startup Accounting & Reporting

  • Bank Accounts
  • Credit Card
  • Customer invoices
  • Vendor Bills
  • General Ledger

Startup Financial Services

CFO Services

Startup Accounting & Reporting


Money management is an essential part of your business. We ensure accurate records management and keep track of all transactions.

Monthly Accounting

Decode the current financial health of your startup. Our professional accounting partners record, review and reconcile your business’s monthly transactions.

Reconciliation Reporting

Eliminate the risk of errors and ensure the complete accuracy of your financial records. Our accounting experts compare your internal transaction records against the records provided by your bank.


Payroll processing is much more than salaries, including complete maintenance of employees’ financial records. We take care of business expenses associated with your employees while following tax mandates.

Cash Flow Statement

A complete record of your cash inflow and outflow is mandatory to acquire a detailed picture of your business. We do it for you giving your time to focus on other important matters.

Accounts Receivable

A significant part of your business assets depicting financial stability and liquidity – cash your business is entitled to receive. Startup Steroid makes your assets look stronger with accurate account receivable reports.

Accounts Payable

Maintaining accurate Accounts Payable is essential to make timely payments, have a clear picture, and hold a positive relationship with the supplier. Manage your cash flow more efficiently with our Accounts Payable services.

1099 Payments

Form 1099 is a report filed with the government stating to whom you paid for the outsourced services. Create, file, and send the yearly 1099 tax forms to service providers on time with Startup Steroid.

Income Statement

The Income Statement of your startup shows the performance of your business over a specific period and helps determine profitability. Get your monthly, quarterly, and annual income report and make critical decisions more efficiently.


A P&L statement is a summary of expenditure and income. In the tech world, startups invest in intangible assets such as digital networks, which determine the ability of a company to generate profits. Present a clear picture of your revenue and expenditure to your shareholders with our P&L services.

Year-end tax filing

Filing taxes can be complicated, but a startup can’t miss it at any cost for three reasons – to stay in the good books of the IRS, be investment and acquisition ready by following legal compliance and reduce their burn with tax credits. Get your taxes done with your startup tax pro. Present a clear picture of your revenue and expenditure to your shareholders with our P&L services.

Balance Sheet

A balance sheet presents a comparison between what you owe and own. It is a report card of your annual operations, helping a startup founder make strategic decisions. Our accounting partners hold expertise in drafting a comprehensive balance sheet.

Bill Pay

Every business- whether a startup or a traditional one- must pay suppliers and other service providers on time. Bill Pay is a straightforward concept consuming administrative time. Get access to more time by outsourcing the administrative task and opting for bill payment service.

Startup Financial Services

Access to broader team of accounting and financial experts at a fractional cost

Burn Rate & Cash-out date

Your investors-backed startup is operating at losses intentionally. Measure by what time your startup will lose money before attaining the break-even point.

Deferred Revenue

The amount you have received in advance for products and services to be performed in the future is a liability until they are earned.

Financial Projections

Get an unbiased view of your company’s future in consideration of your existing financial data with startup financial services by Startup Steroid.

R&D Tax Credit Research & Filing

Startups spending on research and development can claim and reduce their tax liability for up to 5 years. Get your well-deserved credit with our startup financial services.

Financial Modeling & Budgeting

You aim to grow your startup and need an in-depth understanding of your financial status for the same. Know your business valuation and fund requirements with our financial modeling services.

Tax Advice through partners

Visionary founders must focus on protecting their wealth and minimizing taxes. Get one-on-one tax saving counsel and tax advice to build your wealth.

Expense Projections

CFO Services

Fractional CFO

Have an experienced CFO by your side to take care of the financials that too without bearing in-house salary and benefits. Overcome your financial challenges with a fractional CFO working on a project basis.

Refine Chart Of Accounts

Are your financial reports providing the relevant data needed to make the strategic decision? Refine your Chart of Accounts to add relevant data.

Financial Model Build

You aim to grow your startup and need an in-depth understanding of your financial status for the same. Know your business valuation and fund requirements with our CFO Services.

Fundraising Support

Get actionable insights on your pitch deck, present financials professionally, learn investors’ terminologies, decode valuations, and other fundraising support with your Fractional CFO.

Financial Reporting

Track, review and report your business transactions to make a strategic decision.


Decode the outline of estimated revenue and expenditures, cash flows and debt reduction that your startup needs to have to achieve desired results.

Scenario Analysis

The future is uncertain. Forecast and analyze the possible outcomes of your Startup in different scenarios.

Diligence Assistance

A Startup goes through multiple stages to get the check of a substantial amount from an investor. Pass the due diligence with our end-to-end CFO assistance and support.

Board Meeting Preparation

Most founders don’t have the experience of running a board meeting. Prep up for your startup’s board meeting and build your board meeting agenda with your fractional CFO.


Covering the granular details to present an elaborative map leading investors to the end goal strategically, determining fund requirements, and making critical decisions.

Ad Hoc Support

When it comes to a Startup, things can turn upside down anytime. Be prepared for uncertainties with our Ad Hoc Support. Your on-demand CFO will even take care of last-minute requests.

Financial Model


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