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What comes to your mind when I say, which shampoo you use, and the entire bottle of shampoo comes to your mind. This is the effect of branding and the result of efforts put into proper branding.

First, let’s try and define what is BRAND?

A brand is an identity that includes a logo, color, slogan, name, words, a story, an ad, and a sentence that the company has used to distinguish its products/ services from others.

Proper branding is your identity in this cut-through competitive corporate market. Today there is an alternative to every product which fits perfectly for each other and in this competitiveness, to shine brighter the company needs to have a distinctive brand identity.

How the brand identity impacts your business –

Your brand identity is the first impression of your business, it’s the key to start communicating with the customer. Imagine, if you met a person for the first time, how you conclude that you want to keep seeing the person or this first meeting is the last one. It’s simple, how the person has interacted with you, have you “clicked” with each other. Did you like the personality? All of this, when answered in YES, leads to the start of a good relationship, of course after that how you treat and complete each other determines the longevity but the start is pretty crucial.

Your brand identity pretty much does the same thing, it is the package that includes logos, colors, slogans that you use, packaging, quality of your product, typography, and that emotional touch that is different from the competitors. So, make it the best one.

Once you have built a brand identity for your company it’s important to be CONSISTENT. Brand identity represents your brand and it’s supposed to be in the brains of customers as muscle memory so you need to be consistent with you’re the identity of your brand.

Now, let’s move on to why the brand identity is important?

  • It is the way the customer knows your product and services the name, logo, color, etc. everything combined is your identity proof.
  • The correct brand identity makes you stand out among the competitors who are increasing by the day.
  • The great brand identity sows the seeds of loyalty, the quality of product, and the great customer service all included bring you a loyal customer.
  • Your brand identity creates a sense of familiarity among your targeted audience.

Now, let’s know how to create your brand identity –

  • Have a clear concept of what is your business, what purpose does it solve, and how it is different from competitors – When you answer these questions you get to know your purpose which helps you identify your companies tagline, brand message, ad campaign strategy, which emotion of your customer to target, and more. So, before moving any further you must be clear about your own purpose.
  • Do the SWOT analysis – Knowing your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats beforehand will save you from unforeseen experiences in the future. Know, what your customer’s preferences are, the environment of your work, what are the cultural barriers, etc. This will tell you about all the external factors affecting your business and help you design the identity of your brand accordingly.
  • Create an appealing visual identity for your business – Like logo, color, visual material, etc.
    1. Start from finalizing the color of your business, a color says a lot, know the psychology of color and study the impacts that will have on your customer and decide the one best suited for your business. Make sure to finalize a primary color and other colors must complement the primary color.
    2. The logo of your company is an emblem, a symbol, used to identify a company and its products and services, it is the symbol of your brand. Make it an impactful one. Have you seen the logo of AMAZON, the arrow indicating from A to Z represents the message that it sells everything from A to Z and also, represents the smile that customers would experience by shopping on So, make your logo meaningful.
    3. Keep a close check on your brand’s visual element – Decide on a square or rectangle. Decide how the visual elements representing your brands will be presented on different platforms.
    4. Try and be consistent with your typography – The fonts and typeface (bold, italic, etc) you use also has an impact on customers. The fonts must be readable, and catchy. After all, you do not want your customer to have a hard time reading your tagline or content.
    5. This is the most important point “BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR DESIGN AND BRAND IDENTITY” – You are done with your logo, you are done with colors, with typography, with marketing materials now you have to circulate and make people aware of your product/ services. Now, the question is – How will you create a subconscious impact on your targeted customers’ minds? It will happen when you target them from all the mediums and be consistent on those mediums so that they have an image of your brand stored in their brains.
    6. Spend time monitoring your efforts from time to time – You are not done yet, now you need to monitor and improvise and change and continue the grind. Creating the brand identity is only half the work done now you need to communicate with your customers and know how they feel and if there is something that a lot of customers want to be changed, work on it. Keep a check on your performance metrics via customer reviews, social media, and your brand mentions, and work consistently in improving your brand’s image.

Your brand identity is a means to identify you, make sure you make the best one and stand out!


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