Startup Game Changer

We are going to change the game of Startups.

Startups are going to change the business game. We are going to change the game of Startups.

When it comes to Startups, the business dynamics are different.

Learn directly from the industry veterans, attend insightful Startup events and pinpoint the change you need to make in your Startup Game.

Get mentored by Veterans

Startup Founders, leverage the extensive network of mentors ready to direct you through the ups and downs of your startup journey and increase your chances of turning your great idea into a great business.

Here’s what you will receive in Startup-Mentor Structured program –

  • Learn directly from high-end mentors
  • One-on-one sessions during the program
  • Comprehensive modules covering startup management topics
  • Post-program Resources
  • Personalized advice on growth strategy
  • Professional Connections

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