Individual Angel Investors

Individual Angel Investors

Investing Made Smarter and Easier

Before investing in a startup, it requires an investor to put a lot of time into collecting and evaluating a company’s business data. To lift this hurdle from the path of individual investors, Startup Steroid has built a unique Deal Flow SaaS Platform that makes the whole process easier.

Our Deal Flow Platform lets investors gain all the information about available investment opportunities in various startups, allowing them to make informed decisions on time.

Spend less time collecting and more on evaluating a startup with due diligence; Startup Steroid is the number one Deal Flow SaaS platform.

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Customized Deal Flow

Experience customized deal flow with more focus on investment and criteria of a deal. Keep a close eye on High Potential Startup businesses’ investment opportunities and invest at the right time with Startup Steroid.

Construct Portfolio Preference, filtering out deals based on –

Deal Flow Sharing

Our highly advanced Deal Flow SaaS Platform authorizes investors onboard to track and manage deals plus a lot more. With the intelligence to move forward, we have made it feasible to share deals, notes, and even due diligence reports with investors outside your group and other angel groups.

Scale your Deal Flow sharing abilities with the listed features and make your deals more organized.

Shareable Profiles with Company Details

Inbound and Outbound Deal Flow

Better Portfolio Management

Shareable diligence report


According to data, 1% of deals are closed by the end of the due-diligence process. Hence the investors must monitor the status of deal flow actively.


The thumb rule indicates that having an optimum flow of qualitative deals is a good sign, but the absence of a streamlined process can make things overwhelming.


Get a good command over deals with comprehensive Dashboards created to assist angel group investors onboard in deciding to move on with deals based on quantitative and qualitative attributes.

Review New Deals at ease

Multi-Deal Timeline view

End-to-end visibility of pipeline

Review all investment opportunities at a glance

Centralized information center for existing communication, ratings and group activities

Manage Investments, SPVs and Funds on one platform

Screening Notes

Take the sourced deal to the next level with our top-rated Deal Flow SaaS Platform. Curate and Screen the individual deals carefully based on investment objectives. Further, score deals and build agreements with members onboard with screen-sharing features before taking a deal into active evaluation.

Create SPVs – Master & Series

SPVs or Syndicates are unique financial tools utilized for fund administration in private investment horizons. The legal entity provides tax benefits, securitization of assets, limited liability advantage and much more. Create SPVs for chosen investment opportunities and get Investors onboard to get the deal done with Startup Steroid, the most trusted deal flow platform for investors.

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E-Sign Documents

Online Platform for Inviting Investors

Hassle-free Raising and Deploying Capital

Document Management

Distribution of Reporting Documents

Trusted by 100s of Investors

Available on iOS and Android.