Frequently Asked Questions

Find answer to every question that you must know in order to use Startup Steroid like a pro!

General Questions

What is Startup Steroid?

Startup Steroid is the connecting dot between Startups, Investors, and Resources required to make a business successful. To make a profitable and nurturing Startup Ecosystem, our founders inspected the critical pain points of Investors and Founders. We have created a Deal Flow SaaS platform for Angel Investors and Angel Groups to streamline the investment process. In addition, we support exciting Startups by giving them access to communicate with Investors, professional service providers, and Mentors. 

In a nutshell, Startup Steroid provides everything from A to Z to startups seeking funding and investors looking for promising startups. Know more about Startup Steroid and the motivation behind its inception in the About Us Section.

Who is the founder of Startup Steroid?

Startup Steroid is the brainchild of experienced Angel Investors and founders of successful startups.

✦ Shankar Ram – Chairman

✦ Anshuman Sinha – CEO

✦ Ashish Saboo – CTO

✦ Aniket Sinha – Director of Delivery

Being able to play both roles, our creators are familiar with the struggles of both parties – an Angel Investor and a Startup Founder go through to discover a potential investment opportunity and raise funds, respectively. Click here ( ) to know more about our leaders.

How is Startup Steroid more than an Investor and Startup matchmaking platform?

Platforms connecting Startups and Investors are antiquated. Striving to build a more robust Startup Ecosystem and serve both parties even better, Startup Steroid came into existence containing a suite of tools required to make a Deal, Startup, and Investment successful. How? Our Deal Flow SaaS Platform includes features such as a Comprehensive Dashboard, Shareable Due Diligence, White Label for Angel Groups, Deal Flow Sharing, and much more, aiding Angel Investors in speeding up the decision-making process. For Founders, we provide professional services required to make a startup successful, skilled Talent, and a panel of Industry Experts willing to play the role of Mentor and provide much-needed guidance. Not only this, once the deal is done, Investors can proceed further to raise and deploy capital through Syndicates created by SPV Hub, the child company of Startup Steroid.

Startup Steroid for Founders

How do I set up my account?

You need to create your Startup Profile and get it published under our directory to get started. First, go to Startup Registration and fill out the demanded details. Then, prepare an elaborative Pitch Deck containing essential information about your business plan, target market, vision, financial metrics, investment needs, etc. To humanize the entire process and showcase a Founder’s true emotion and motivation, we are incorporating a Video Pitch on our Platform. Once all the required details and files are uploaded, our representative will do the evaluation. On successful completion, we will list your profile on our Platform, ready to be discovered by Investors.

How my Startup Profile is discovered by potential investors?

Startup Steroid Platform contains a unique Algorithm giving the advantage of better visibility to the profiles with a better score. The score depends on the profile completion, strength, engagement, etc. Also, to provide a better deal flow to angel investors, a Startup Profile is suggested considering criteria including interest, location, and investment stage as specified by the investor. 

To make your Startup profile discoverable, you must fill in all the credentials appropriately and make it engaging. You can connect with the support executives of Startup Steroid to enhance the visibility of your profile.

Startup Steroid for Angel Investors

How do I become a member of Startup Steroid?

We are building a solid Startup Ecosystem, and an Investor is an essential part of it. To join Startup Steroid, you need to register yourself on our Platform. Click here for Investor Registration . Once you fill out the necessary details, our representative will evaluate your profile. On successful evaluation, you will receive a notification and unlock the access to high-growth Startups listed on the Platform. 

What kind of Startup Investment opportunities can I find on Startup Steroid?

Here, Angel Investors can discover high-growth Startups from all continents, sectors, and investment stages. Furthermore, the Platform allows the members onboard to apply the filter further and find Startups based on their specifications. For example, investors can use the filter on Startup Stage, location, sector, investment range, etc.