Fundamentals of Due Diligence

In simple words, due diligence refers to a detailed scrutiny of a firm or startup interested in securing funding from angel investors. It involves a series of inspections that angels will perform on a startup to verify each fact that the startup has mentioned in its pitch deck.   Before signing any agreement or deal […]

11 Features to Look for in a Deal Flow Management Software for Angel Groups

Angel investors and groups invest millions of dollars in startups every year. Despite the availability of numerous tools, many angel groups still need to rely on spreadsheets or switch between multiple tools to manage their deal flow. Angel groups can benefit from cutting-edge Deal Flow Management Software to streamline deal flow and boost efficiency. However, […]

Risks and Rewards of Startup Investing


Startup investing can be exciting but equally uncertain. Investors should carefully invest in startups that pay off well. But it’s not that easy. The harsh reality is only 10% of startups successfully move to the IPO stage, which is the culmination point of startup investing. Mostly, angel investors don’t know whether they’ll get windfall profits […]

Top 6 Red Flags in Angel Investing You Must Be Aware of

Top 6 Red Flags of Angel Investing

As an angel investor, you may be tempted to invest your money in startups, but do it with caution. You’d not like to invest your hard-earned money in startups that are likely to fail, or their owners have unrealistic expectations about the firm. Make sure you don’t fall into such a trap!  For an investor, […]

From Bootstrapping to Big Bucks: Strategies for Funding Your Startup

Starting a new business is no cakewalk, and one of the biggest challenges most founders face is securing adequate funding to get their venture off the ground. Whether developing a cutting-edge tech product, launching a trendy e-commerce platform, or revolutionizing an industry with your innovative service, having a solid funding strategy is crucial for success.  […]

The Importance of People: How to Build a Strong Team for Your Startup


The most interesting thing about a startup is its team. If the team is right, a startup can scale to great heights, no matter what. But the future of any startup is bleak, if its team doesn’t perform to their full potential.   It’s imperative to build a great team if you’re looking for long-term […]

How to Craft a Perfect Elevator Pitch for Your Startup

CONTENTS: Introduction Know Your End Users Don’t Forget the Basics Describe the Problem First Focus on Solution Briefly Tell About Your Team Discuss Future Goals and Vision Wrapping Up   Introduction If you’re a startup, chances are that you might bump into angel investors anytime, anywhere—at a formal meet, conference, shopping mall, seminar, nearby office, […]

Funnel Your Way to Startup Marketing Success

CONTENTS: Introduction Funnel Marketing Strategy: Meaning & Explanation Importance of a Funnel Marketing Strategy for Startups Overview of the Different Stages of the Funnel Creating Full-fledged Funnel Marketing Strategies for Startups In Conclusion   Introduction It might sound terrible, but more than 90% of startups fail miserably within the first five years of their launch. […]

Grow Your Startup with Content Marketing

If you’ve just started your startup, creating a robust content marketing strategy can help you take on the challenges that come your way.   According to a report by Failory, 9 out of 10 startups (90%) fail without making any impact. Out of various factors, marketing remains a top factor behind their failure. From the […]